Destashing Fragrance Oils


If you make soap or other scented bath and beauty products, today might be your lucky day. I have some fragrances that I am not likely to use, but you might find them useful to have. I am listing the fragrances below with an approximate weight. I am sorry, but I can only ship in the US because of the cost of postage. If leave a comment on this post or you email me at, along with the fragrances you want and your zip code, I can give you a shipping estimate. After you confirm you would like the fragrance, I will send you an invoice via PayPal. You do not have to have a PayPal account in order to pay, as PayPal works with both credit and debit cards, too. Prices are discounted from the full price you would pay from the seller. Please note that depending on what you buy and where you are located, shipping might be more than the cost of the fragrance.

Note: If you make any requests this week, I will need to wait until July 3 to fulfill them.

Bramble Berry Fragrances

  • Sun-Ripened Raspberry, 1.5 oz + 4 oz (one unopened bottle)—$1.50 for the 1.5 oz, $4.00 for the 4 oz, or $5.00 for all of it
  • Chipotle Caramel, 0.15 oz (enough to make lotion or bath bombs)—shipping only
  • Passionfruit Rose, 1.9 oz—$1.90
  • Cranberry Fig, .35 oz—shipping only
  • Energy, 2.15 oz—$2.15
  • Crisp Apple Rose, 1.6 oz—$1.60

Nature’s Garden Fragrances

  • Madagascar Spice, 3.7 oz—$3.70
  • Lick Me All Over, 1.9 oz—$1.90
  • Twilight in the Woods, 2 oz—$2.00
  • Cotton Candy, 2.4 oz—$2.40
  • Sandalwood, 3.8 oz—$3.80
  • Gingersnap Cookies, 2.7 oz—$2.70
  • Sea Salt and Lotus Blossoms, 5.6 oz—$5.60
  • Sweet Pea, 6.2 oz—$6.20
  • Fresh Cut Roses, 6.8 oz—$6.80
  • Honeysuckle, 16 oz—$11.00
  • Spearmint, 10.3 oz (note: this is the fragrance, not the essential oil)—$8.00
  • Seaside, 12.5 oz—$9.00
  • Amazingly Grace, 16 oz—$11.00

2 thoughts on “Destashing Fragrance Oils

  1. I’m interested in Energy and Crisp Apple rose from BB and Amazingly Graceful from NG. Also, I’m in Harvard, Mass and can pick them up sometime this week

  2. What a generous offer! As someone who enjoys making soap and bath products, I am excited to see the fragrances that you have available. It’s great that you are offering them at a discounted price and providing a shipping estimate for those interested. Thank you for considering those of us who are passionate about creating our own beauty products. I will be sending an email to inquire about the fragrances and shipping to my area. Keep up the good work!

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