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  1. Hi! I have been making my own soaps with my autistic children and they want me to start selling it. While researching everything I’d need to know I’ve noticed that what I thought was just a basic pour base glycerin, that theres actually other ingredients. I read that you use lye. Would you maybe be willing to help direct me to resources on the safest types of soaps for the general public?? Thank you!

    1. Caitlin, all soaps have lye. It’s just a matter of whether or not you handle the lye yourself or use a melt-and-pour base. Melt-and-pour might be safer for kids, but depending on their age, they might want to try creating recipes.

      In terms of safest soaps for the general public, I am not sure if you mean ready to use or if you mean soap base mixes. I think Bramble Berry has good stuff if you mean the latter. If you mean the former, pretty much any commercial soap is fine.

  2. hi, I read your info regarding using heavy cream in soaps and I’m about to experiment with it but I’m a little confused (which it usually does not take much for me to be confused), about superfat use. So do I still add my 5% SF information in the soap calc in addition to the amount of fats the the heavy cream will add? Meaning, if using 1000g of oils I would add 5% SF to my soap calc but since heavy cream already has so much fat in it, does this mean that I would be having 18% of heavy cream fat and 5% of SF in my oil batch?

    I hope the question makes sense. Thanks for your time.

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