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Wedding Favor

Image by Corey Balazowich

I would be happy to create something special for your wedding or other special occasion.

Custom soap must be ordered in batches of at least three regular-sized bars. Favor-sized soaps are available in heart shapes or rectangles. Other shapes may be available upon request for fee that covers the price of any mold purchases plus shipping.

Regular sized soaps are $6.50 per bar. Favor-sized soaps are $2.00 per bar. Either is available in your choice of scents and colors.

Custom soaps and Christmas gifts must be requested two months in advance. Wedding favors must be requested three months in advance. A free shipping discount applies to orders totaling over $50.00. Orders over 50 items require a 50% down-payment.

Please note, at this time I am unable to accept additional wholesale accounts. The information on this page applies to small custom orders or wedding favors only. Please see my FAQ for more.

If you have a custom order request, please contact me at

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