Here is what customers are saying about my soaps:

I’ve been using your [Lavender Chamomile] facial soap for around two weeks now and truly love it! After washing my face, my skin barely feels tight at all! It smells great and leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth. And this is the really cool part: for the past… I’m going to guess at least six months, I’ve had this little rough patch just beside my nose, under my eye. It developed entirely out of nowhere. I never went to a dermatologist to see what it might be, but it was also never itchy or red and really was only visible on the rare occasion that it would start ‘peeling’, almost like a sunburn. Well, apparently one of the ingredients in your soap is exactly what it needed! As of today, I can feel all around the area without the slightest trace of roughness! Can you imagine the different soaps or exfoliants that I’ve used over the months, not even with intent to fix this problem, and they never made a bit of difference? The thought had never occurred to me that the right soap would make it go away. So, thank you!—Nikki


I’ve used the [Lavender Chamomile] soap twice a day for over a week. It lathers well for a facial bar. When I rinse my face then dry it my skin is tight for about a minute, then it feels so soft. Usually I have to moisturize after I clean my face and I never use soap because its too drying and turns my face red. Your soap did neither. As far as I’m concerned you have a winner. I love it!!!!—Sharon


I like the [Lavender Chamomile] soap a lot.  It smells wonderful and doesn’t leave my face dry and tight.  I thought it might when it got my face so squeaky clean, but I found that it gets my face really clean while leaving it soft and supple.—Valerie


All three soaps that I purchased are fantastic tho, and Dana shipped my order immediately. I ordered Sunday night, and it got here Wednesday afternoon. It was so fast! I am so happy purchasing from this shop, can’t get better products with better customer service.—Kathleen


Thank you! This soap is pure luxury. You can see and feel the creamy goodness and clay. I can’t wait to get in the shower. Fast shipping, free sample, nice little thank you card and an informative flyer on how to care for your soap. What more could a girl want?—Heather


Some people are soap junkies. I’m not. But I was attracted to these beautiful soaps, and I am thrilled to use them. I ordered raspberry-lemon, creamy coconut and pink grapefruit– all perfect for summer. I’m already looking ahead for what I want this fall! The soaps are fragrant, but not obnoxiously so. The lather is gentle, but leaves no film behind. It leaves you feeling so clean! Great stocking stuffers, house warming gifts or just a present for yourself (after all, who deserves it more?) The best soaps I’ve had the pleasure to use in a very long time. Maybe ever.—Larkin


I love the variety of soaps available. Took me a while to make my selections! I received my order promptly, and it included a sample of another soap! I was hesitant to try handmade soaps, as others have not left my skin feeling soft and smooth. NESoaps did! Nice lathering, just the right amount of scent. Rinsed away well. Minty fresh! Thank you!—Kathleen


Love the scent, everything was A++++++++++++++++—Susan


Smell, texture, size…. yummy, fabulous, can’t be beat! Thanks Dana!—Ashly


Shopping from Dana is the most pleasant online shopping experience I’ve had. I love the soaps and she ships really quickly. She shipped these soaps on the weekend and they got here in no time. I will definitely continue to shop at NESoaps.—Kathleen


SO GREAT. Fast shipping, perfect packaging, and AMAZING soap. Will definitely purchase from this seller again. Highly recommended!—Malkah


The Jane Austen series smell wonderful and look beautiful. My package arrived before I was expecting and in perfect condition. I will order again.—Terri


Beautiful soaps were well received by my friends and family!—Beverly


Amazing soap, moisturizes my skin better than anything I’ve tried, no need for lotion after I shower anymore. Wonderful quality, love the simplicity and effectiveness of this soap.—Alley


Ordered for my boyfriend for Christmas and it smells awesome! Fast shipping and excellent seller.—Melissa


Great stuff, planning on returning for more soon!—Debbie




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